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Our Methodology


The process consists of all project milestones. A conventional process R&D includes, among others, a conceptual/planning phase that includes preliminary study and functional and organic analysis, as well as a production phase that involves programming, testing and validation for test cases.

Key stages of R&D project

Project Selection

Strongly linked to the experience, the experience and vision of each, the term “research” is sometimes subjective done, or seen as such. To select relevant projects and porters, Synchrone technologies has determined a common analytical framework, based on the Frascati Manual, standard for R&D in Europe.

Our methodology relies on 5-axis component of valuation of environmental R&D:

Criteria valuation of
R&D projects
The degree of innovation of the work
The progress made by the company
The process
The technical hazard of the project

The degree of innovation

Describes the innovative nature of the project to technical or existing products on the market


Measures the difference between knowledge, skills or know-how available within the company before and after the completion of the work

Le processus

The process consists of all project milestones. A conventional R&D process includes, among others, a conceptual phase (preliminary study, functional analysis, organic analysis) and a production phase (programming and coding, testing and test cases).


The sum of the resources used for the project (technical or specific technologies). This is human or material resources (internal or external)

The technical hazard

Present at the launch of the project and during its implementation, the existence of uncertainty as to the achievement of desired results. It is evidenced by the problems to be solved and the technical difficulties encountered by the team during the conduct of the project

The observation of these projects under different angles to define a decision support system, defined in the following format:

Scoring of R&D projects

The larger the area the greater the project has potential as defined in the definition of R&D addressed in legislation (Frascati Manual).

Results for Synchrone technologies

We are targeting four key objectives:

  • Develop an increased understanding of R&D challenges of our Customers
  • Gradually Building a R&D team performance and quality, composed of Researchers, Engineers and Experts
  • Answering numerous R&D demands of our customers (e.g. Synchrone technologies R&D project teams coaching and supervising contractors, and working closely with experts, …)
  • Maintaing a strong brand in the market to retain our key accounts and develop our business with new actors.